About the event

12/24hours bike

Time: We will not hold this event in 2015.

Place: Kiskunlacháza, Airport

Do you like challenges?

If yes, than come to Kiskunlacháza Airport (only 25 km  south from Budapest), and  race individually, or in relay for two or in bigger team!

From what can you choose from?

  • stand at the start line Sunday Midnight with the riders of the  Night 100 Miles race!
  • ride 12 hours individualy or in relay for two, or in a team for 3-4!
  • ride 24 hours individualy or in relay for two, or in a team for 3-4 or for 5-8 people!
  • come and fidget with us all the races and support the others!

We found a perfect location in Kiskunlacháza:

  • an airport with flat concrete, without any hills, so you can get to the farthest.
  • A circle course, about 7km long.  Each circle  has two big curve with radius of 16 meters ,and some big speed other curves. So it is an easy course what you will learn during the day, so during night you will be able to ride it even with closed eye

What can you expect?

  • no shadows, (have you seen an airport with shadow before?) But you will have parasol, and suncream.
  • there is no pub next to the course, but we will organise some nice place for eating and drinking.
  • if the wind blows, here it will really blow.

Do you like it?  If yes, than HERE you can find the list of the different races.