Rules of participation

Time of event:  We will not hold this event in 2015.

Place: Kiskunlacháza, Airport


The bikes having the following specifications can participate on the race:
  • two, same sized wheels
  • two, independent from each other, break system. One of them affecting the first, the other one the back wheel.
  • There cannot be aero bars, time trial bars, triathlate bars on the bike. In case of mountain bikes the bar can be maximum 15 cm long.
  • Only wheels used at field races can be used.
The following equipments, and bikes cannot be used during the race:
  • Triathlon, horn or delta handlebars
  • time trial wheel, disc wheels,
  • neither kind of bar ends. Only exception is MTB bar end if it is maximum 15 cm long.
  • water bottles, made out of glass or other easily breakable material.
  • biking bags, or any supplementary bag.
  • any kind of biking trailer.
  • bikes with one, or with3-4 or more wheels.
  • recumbent bikes
  • tandem
  • handbike
Helmet is mandatory for every participant during the race. The participants acknowledge, that the helmet used my them fulfil the standards of MSZ EN 1078:1997/A1:2006. Helmet must be worn by all the participants while they are on the course. We strongly suggest also to use gloves and some light-reflective cloths.
Bikes on the course between 19:30 and 6:00 must have lights both in the front and in the back. In the front the light must be continuous and white. It cannot blind the others coming towards, and it can light maximum 25 meters forward on the road. At the back the continuous, red light is mandatory.
Between 19:30 and 06:00 participants cannot start a new lap without front and back lights.
Spare lights must be provided by the participants for themselves.
Every participant must stay on the right side of the road, paying attention to the others around him/her. Participants have to provide the free pass for the others if needed, and should avoidsudden change in the directions.
Everybody is participating on the race on his/her own responsibility. The organiser does not take any responsibility, and no compensation shall be obliged, for any health damage,accident, or property damage connected to the race.
Every participant by getting the starting packages, resign from all his/her rights connected to the pictures and videos shot on the race. These can be used by the organiser for Marketing,and PR purposes.
The participants must pay special attention to the surrounding nature. Litter can only be thrown away into garbage cans. Placing the litter any other place than the garbage cans, may result in disqualification from the race. With the picking up of the start package all the participants acknowledges that he/she knows the rules of participations, and that he/she will respect these. Breaking the rules results time penalty, and/or complete disqualification from the race.